As a musician, and owner of this recording studio, one always hopes that the music speaks for itself, that all you would want to know about me is found in the tunes. And honestly, the music really does say all that matters. But a little bit of about how i got here seems good.
Growing up in a home filled with a Hi-Fi playing every kind of music imaginable, it was always musical. Like most kids, I put my hand to instruments of every kind. There were days of "flutophone", and several years of trumpet. It was not until I strummed my very first wobbly chord on a cheap guitar that I discovered a home for my music passion.
Since that day to this, I have been playing and writing tunes as part of the fabric of an everyday life. Through all the triumphs and tragedies encountered along way through this life there has been this constant. My creative life has had seasons of band membership, studio work, often playing to no one in particular at coffee shoppes & winebars. And there were years of performing for an audience of one.
But my "so called" musical career is marked by one consistent thread... making music is as needful as breathing. I wouldn't have it any other way.
The music has been a way to find my way through all the things life has handed me. Whether through the borderlands as i move from young to old, or wrestling with unrealized longings of the heart, or trying to find a voice for how the natural world speaks so deeply to my soul.
For sure, the longing for the mystery and beauty of this life compels me to keep making a go of this stuff of making music. Though i may never grab the brass ring, i am the richest of men for all the beauty that flows from family, friends and experiences that has seeded my musical voice. If in some way the music gives voice to your own experience, i will be ever grateful.