:The Studio

Above all else we exist to serve you & your music. In response we continually work to improve in order to provide professional, affordable Audio Engineering services. Give us a call. Lets have a chat about your latest project needs and see if we are the right studio for you.


In 2001 LivingRoom Records came to life. But in some ways, you could just as easily say the musician in me came to life. LivingRoom Records and josh ellyson are one in the same.

The original focus of LivingRoom Records was to bring professional, affordable mobile recording services to young, up-and-coming artists who found they just "Have" to make and share their music.

And then a funny thing happened on the way to the gig, the digital audio recording revolution took off. That digital revolution made mobile recording not only affordable for the individual, it drove artists to become educated and well versed in most aspects of recording engineering.

With the slow decline in mobile recording requests, another funny thing happened, i found my own musical voice. Despite nearly 5 decades of playing and writing music, it was only in the process of helping other musicians that i realized i too had something  to say.

So today, LivingRoom Records still offers a variety of audio engineering services and equally important, this studio is the platform for my own musical adventures.

Whether helping a new artist or testing my own musical waters, one thing remains constant... making music is as needful as breathing.